Last Blog Entry From Here

Unfortunately, updating this WordPress Blog requires more Internet Mojo than we’ve been able to find in South America. Uploading photos without 4G or 3G is glacially slow. So Anne and I have decided to not waste all our time trying to post updates through this site. Instead, we encourage those of you who have followed out RTW here to continue to do so from our Facebook pages (Stuart Gordon) (Anne Gordon), where we find it quick and easy to post updates even on slow wi-fi. We’ve enjoyed your feedback and comments, and hope you become regular followers for the remaining five weeks of our journey.

Happy Trails,

Stu & Anne

2 Comments on “Last Blog Entry From Here

  1. ENjoyed EVERY minute so far… Safe travels the rest of the way.

    • Sorry to see your blogs go. They are a wonderful break from the relentless pace of tax and finance. I am not on facebook but will be thinking about you all in the final steps of your RTW trip. Enjoy! Deb

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